July 17, 2023

FIVE is for Experts

Anthony Longo

Patreon is for entertainers. Substack is for journalists. OnlyFans is for adult creators.

FIVE is for experts.

Take Molly McPherson for example. Molly is a preeminent PR expert, TikTok's Crisis Communicator and a 2023 AdWeek Creator Visionary Award Winner. She shares how to master crisis communication by following the latest PR crises in the news. Molly’s smart and savvy, and has built a following of nearly a quarter million people on TikTok. She has a rabid fan base of people who love her insight and want to learn from her.

Molly is a dynamic person that is using social media to help people who share her interests. But the reality is TikTok isn't the best platform to help her audience. It may be best to grow a following, but she can’t get in the weeds and answer every question she receives.

So Molly had to determine where she could go to have the greatest impact on the most people. She tried the Patreon route with exclusive paywalled video and written content, but this model wasn’t working for her or her audience. While she could try to write 1,000-word blog posts and record new exclusive videos every week, it’s not something that she wants to do, and that isn’t how she helps others.

This is where FIVE came in and the fit became apparent.

Molly opened up a community where her fans have deep, thoughtful conversations with her. There is genuine engagement here. This platform isn’t for shallow TikTok comments that don’t generate value.

It is for the experts who receive nonstop questions, comments, and DMs, from an audience that depends on their knowledge.

There’s no one way to interact with your community on FIVE.

You could write a novel for your subscribers if that’s what you wanted to do. You can hold conversations. You can send videos. We’re even building audio features, so if you're not comfortable with video, you can do audio content.

We’re always adding new features that allow you to connect with your subscribers in different ways.

We've stayed consistent with asynchronous communication because this allows creators to start scaling their time most efficiently. We’ve layered in other features as well, including the ability to hold live one-on-ones with subscribers. We want to provide creators with whatever tools are necessary to build their community and deliver results.

The creators who are the most successful on FIVE are the ones that get crushed on social media with comments, DMs, and questions. They’re so overwhelmed with all of the messages sitting on their social channels that they feel like they need to hire a social media manager.

FIVE extracts your expertise out of the comments section and DMs into a community that allows you to monetize your knowledge and accessibility with an audience eager to hear from you. If you feel like you’re one of these creators, like Molly McPherson, use FIVE to grow your business and make the impact you're capable of achieving.