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Take Command Of Your Resume

Here's what you need to understand when it comes to advancing your career -

It was early in my own career when I started getting interviews to the majority of jobs that I applied to.

And at the time, I assumed that there were other people that had that experience.

In other words, I thought it was normal.

But after being in the workforce long enough, I knew that wasn't the case.

I saw my peers and colleagues all struggle with moving up in their companies, finding work they enjoyed doing, or even just finding something they felt accomplished in.

That's when I realized that it was NOT normal.

And that I was on to something.

I realized that this was something that the world needed to hear.

Want to know what those three things are?

#1) That frustration and discouragement and feeling that your career is stagnant likely has nothing to do with you, your skills, nor your experience.

That struggle to land the next better job is rooted in the fact that you're just not positioning yourself properly. Fix that, and your interviews will increase.

#2) You can go farther than you think with just your resume.

What I mean by that is statistically, the average resume is LESS than a 33% match for the job. I review hundreds of resumes every year and that has been the case across the board.Ā 

This means that if you can get your resume to be a 50% or even an 80% match for a job, then you'll be the cream of the crop to that employer.

#3) There is a happy medium between using the same resume for every application and for writing a new resume for every job listing.

And that is to keep a template of your resume and make adjustments to it for every job you apply to. Identify the key words and requirements in the job description to find opportunities to swap it and address those key words.Ā 

Practice doing those three things and I promise your interview rate will improve.

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