For experts
not just influencers

You’re an authority in your field and have built an audience based on your knowledge, expertise and advice. Your fans trust you and look forward to your next post to help them learn, grow & get better.

You’re not just influential, you’re an expert.


Below are some of the top of creator monetization platforms and they certainly don’t need any introduction. While they are the default, mainstream platforms for influencers, we highlight below how FIVE is simply built different.

Membership Subscription
1:1 Paid Chat
1:1 Paid Video
1:1 Paid Calls
Digital Storefront
Community engagement
Exclusive Content
Gated Questions & Answers
Video Replies
Expert features
Ask a Question
Free Unlocks
Exclusive / Ticketed Events
Automated Newsletter
Growth Optimized
Audience Segmentation
Built-in Link in Bio
Long-tail SEO
Compliance Permissioning
For experts
For influencers

Experts vs. Influencers


Experts are different than influencers. An experts audience is based on the knowledge they share and the insights, tips and processes they provide. Because of this, experts need a different set of tools - the value created is vastly different and the mechanisms for delivery need to be as well.

Experts and knowledge-based creators
Master Herbalist
Digital Marketer
Golf Coach
Clinical Nutritionist
Fitness Guru
MIT Professor
Mental Health Coach


Traditional influencers amass their followings from creating content that is amusing, enjoyable, entertaining or creative. Their best-fit monetization mechanisms are sponsored brand posts, affiliate sales or exclusive view-only content.

Influencers, artists and entertainers
Hollywood Celebrity
PRO Athlete
Instagram Model
Beauty Influencer
Fashion Influencer
Popular Musician or Artist
Your Favorite Comedian

The right tools
for the job

Building a business on top of social media doesn’t need to be hard - if you have the right tools for the job. If you’ve already built an audience, the tough part is done. Now you just need the right set of tools to optimize your accessibility, income and brand. Come take a look under the hood and discover how FIVE works.