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Product Update Catch-up

Hey guys a bit late to the party this week. This product update will cover the last 1.5 weeks.Β  Lots to cover, let's jump in!

  • Feature Releases
  • Updates
  • Bugs Squashed

One of the new features detailed below is "Zero Dollar Subscriptions" so a creator can temporarily mark their All Access Membership orΒ Premium Membership as $0 / free to run a limited time promo. Head on over to test the feature as I have my All Access Membership set to $0 right now.Β  Join today to get free access to me for life πŸ˜†.

More feature releases details below πŸ‘‡

Feature Releases

  • Links Manager
  • Spell Check
  • Zero dollar subscriptions (covered above)

Links manager:Β 
This feature was requested by some of our top creators who wanted a simple and efficient way to manage multiple links.Β  They didn't need a full-featured link-in-bio product and just preferred to consolidate their tool set into a single place with FIVE.Β Β 

With our links manager you can add unlimited amount of links and also separate them into 3 different sections.Β  Checkout
my links page
to demo.

This is another reason why we love working with creators so much and why getting in early has it's perks.Β  Our top creators are quite literally helping define the future of FIVE!

Post Image

Spell check:
This is another feature requested from our creator community and while we have big plans for a new editor release coming soon, we wanted to get spell check into the product asap. If you misspell a word we simply have a red dotted line to call it out and all you have to do is right click to see the grammar fix we recommend for you.Β  Example below I misspelled the word
and you can see what happens when I right click.Β  Pretty simple!

Post Image

Product Updates

  • How did you learn about FIVE?
    • So we can get smarter about how you found us.
  • Email capture modal to only display on the creators home page
    • For SEO optimization
  • New footer design
  • New trending creator section
  • GA4 updates
    • Still getting used to this animal, what a departure from Google Analytics UA
  • Post visibility updates
    • When you go to create a post or answer a question we'll show you how many members you have for each "membership level".Β  I'm still a new creator here 🀠, but here's a screenshot on what it looks like.
    • So when I post this post today, I will choose that middle option so only those 4 members will have access to this "full post" below the paywall line, and/or anyone who subscribes to my Free All Access tier.

Post Image


Bugs Squashed

  • 🐞 Creator self-onboard flow bug (
  • 🐞 Broken profile image in header of conversations (
  • 🐞 Dashboard link not showing in the sidebar menuΒ (
  • 🐞 Amazon and Cash App links throwing validation errors (
  • 🐞 Blog bugΒ (
  • 🐞 Caching bugsΒ (

That's has us caught up for now.Β  Lots of updates to come early next week and some big releases hopefully by end of month or first week of June!!Β  Be sure to subscribe for free to stay up to date!!Β  Thanks!!

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