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Weekly Product Update

Hey Team, we've pushed out several updates over the last week and are planning for another big release over the weekend. Here's a quick summary of what's new, what's fixed and what's coming.


The big release this week is the brand new members page giving creators full visibility and access to all of their members details including: name, email, membership level, term, date joined the community and much more.  The page includes a quick search and also the ability to export the list to CSV.  You can access the members page in the navigation section of your dashboard.

What's New

  • Members page in dashboard ☝
  • Pricing page
  • Earnings calculator
  • Video recording updates
  • Email newsletter audience reconciliation
  • The ability to create Premium only posts
  • Chat & help center (thank you Intercom)
    • The help center  knowledge base is just getting started, but please feel free to use the chat widget which you'll in the bottom right hand corner of every page in the dashboard (and on our homepage too).  Lau and I will be manning that, so any questions feel free to pop it right in there.

One of the biggest investments we made over the past 10 days was around site speed and page loading to improve a better overall experience for both expert creators and members. Now that I'm typing this, I'm realizing we need spell check added to our editor (adding to the list now)!

See what else we fixed and what's coming 👇

What's Fixed

  • Loading / caching issues:
  • Unpublish not working:
  • HTML parsing in posts and conversation replies:
  • Links should be colored, bolded and underlined:
  • Empty states handling:

What's Coming

  • Improved post / reply visibility options
  • Improved auto email newsletter 
  • Improved editor experience
  • More help videos in and around the dashboard


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