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Weekly Product Update

Hey Team, big week last week!  The engineering team launched a ton of new features and functionalty as well as squashed a bunch of bugs. Additionally, the marketing team launched some new content pages to help educate new experts - lets get into it!!

Below we'll cover:

  • 2 New Content Pages
  • 4 New Core Features
  • 9 Bugs Squashed

Content Pages 


We built this page to help expert creators undersatnd what FIVE is and why they may want to join FIVE vs joining another creator monetization platform.  Here we really drill in on the differentiation between some of the more mainstream platforms.  Check out the full details and breakdown of FIVE vs Patreon vs Substack vs Onlyfans here.


How It Works

The second page we pushed live last week was the How it Works page.  Here we focused on some of the high level basics on ... how it works ... additionaly we listed out some top FAQs at the bottom of the page.


We're planning on lauching 2 more pages this week (1) Pricing and (2) an Earnigns Calculator so be on the lookout for those!!

New Features

  • Gated Posts
  • Record Video in Browser
  • Self Onboard
  • Content Editing

Gated Posts

With our new Gated Post feature you can now create original and exclusive content and distribute it speicific segments of your audiene.  I wrote a killer sneak preview "Gated Post" on this last week.  Check it out

Post Image

This is the gate you can drag and drop when creating a post.


Record Video in Browser

Just like the Gated Post feature, I published a sneak preview last week highlighintg the
new functionality to record
(or upload) video right in the browser.  You can use this new video feature when creating a new post and also when replying to conversations. This works on both laptop and mobile and is a great way to quickly create interactive content.  Be on the lookout for some fancy transcription coming soon!

Post Image


Self Onboard

I'm super excited to announce that we've now opened the platform so anyone can signup.  As of today, if you head over to
and click on
get started
you will be led directly into a self onboard flow.

Experts can now join the platform, setup their page and start monetizing in under 5 minutes.  Interested? 
Get started!

Post Image

Content Editing

You asked for it, so we made it.  Now experts can edit their content after publishing.  Maybe you replied to a question on the fly via mobile, but when you got back to your office you wanted to add more content (thank you
) or maybe you just wanted to fix a typo.  No matter the reason you can now click the triple dot on any of your converations and edit your reply anytime! 


Click the triple dot to edit your reply.

Post Image

Edit, then save.

Post Image

Bugs Squashed

  • Unpublish bug: squashed
  • Recaptcha bug: squashed
  • Free question toggle bug: squashed
  • Caching bug: squashed
  • Reply editor bug: squashed
  • Avatar not displaying bug: squashed


That's it for today. Make sure you
join my community
to get all the latest product updates and company annoucements.


Oh, and tune in tomorrow, we have something pretty big to announce!!

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