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Hey Joey! What insights do you have regarding traveling international? Do you have a list or source that we can reference . I plan at some point down the road to travel to south east Asia. But I know it’s illegal there and I’m wondering what people do who use kratom and travel. I guess it really will play a large role in where we can go? Any tips or tricks please…? And thanks for all you do!🙏🏻
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    Hi Luke!
    I've traveled a lot with kratom but only once out of the country and that was to Puerto Rico, where it's legal. I personlly woudln't travel with it to a country where it's illegal, as it could get you in a situation that you don't want to be in. If you do decide to take it with you, I would put it in a differnt container so it's not identifiable. It kinda looks like matcha, so may be a good idea or use capsuels and put them in a different bottle of a supplement. It is risky to travel with it to an illegal country, so whatever you decide, let me know. Good luck and happy travels!