Hi joey

Ok I think I have to go longer then a week without kratom and I bought a pound of kava from two different vendors and there not working so I’m getting no relief what do u think about tianeptone I know my body is messed up from addiction but I have made my kava every way u can and my nerve problem is so bad I’m going crazy I’ve been like this for years but it’s gotten to the point where I’m so done I’m tired I need a break sorry Joey it’s a bad day for me so anything u can recommend……..thank u💚
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Asked by Connie |

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  • J

    Hi Connie,
    Kava isn't a good replacement for kratom. It can help with withdrawals, but kava doesn't have the same stimulant capabilities. Kava is used more to relax, sleep and feel a little more social. If you're looking for pain management, I would ask your doctor about low dose naltrexone. It's a prescription but is very effective for pain and is actually good for your brain and overall health. It reduces inflamation in your body and is also a partial opiod antagonist, just like kraotm. Why did you stop taking kratom?