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Hey Joey! So I attended your class a few days ago and I had a question that you might have answered during, but I may have missed it. I was wondering how many times a day you dose. If your maximum allowance for a week is 10 grams, would you take doses in 2 grams until you’ve done that 5 times? I’m running low on S&V so I’m just including regular Kratom in a half and half mix for the rest of my taper. My funds are low lol, definitely will be getting some more though soon. Thanks for clarifying! Take care, Blake
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    Hi! Thanks for attending the class! You can always rewatch it on the thread. I dose 4 times a day and depending on how much I'm taking daily, it's split between those 4 doses. 10 grams a week? That's really, really little. Did you mean 10g/day? If so, I would say dosing 2-3 times in the day would be optimal. Again, it really comes down what works for you, so you may need to mess around with your dosing till you find what works best for you.