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Hey Joey, I purchased a different type of stem and vein from Philly Kratom. This blend contains stem and vein, Javanica and Hirsuta. I believe those other two ingredients are also alkaloids. This stuff really works magic and I feel like I’ve been taking my full dose while tapering. Honestly yesterday I felt it really strongly to the point where I didn’t want to take anymore that day (which is rare for me). https://yourleafyourlife.com/product/break-time-blend-2oz-56g/ Here’s the link, cheers!
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    Hi! Yes! I've tried that before and it does work great. I'd be curious what your experience will be with just s&v. I've tried Javanica and Hirusta by themselves and really didn't feel anything, so it left me wondering if what you're experiencing is the effects of the s&v but I guess there's no way to tell if you've never had them seperate. Maybe for your next taper, try plain ole s&v and see if it's a similar experience. Glad it's working for you!