Sudden hair loss from Kratom use, possibly from iron overload

Hi Joey, So I started taking Kratom about three months ago, and recently realized that Im losing a ton of hair in shower. Theres also visible thinning in one spot near the center left of my hairline. I remembered that the same thing happened 2 years ago when I took Kratom for about a month, started losing lots of hair in the shower, was able to quit, and my hair loss stopped. Its been harder to quit this time. I have cut down my dose drastically, and was definitely taking way too much. But my question is, is this a known side effect, and have you talked to other people whove had this issue? My theory is that mixing the Kratom with orange juice has caused an increase in iron absorption becauseof the vitamin C, and Im experiencing iron overload .Ive switched to taking it without orange juice, and am using curcumin to deplete any excess iron. Btw, I have mad flow and my hair was emmaculate just 1 month ago (31 yrs old) zero male pattern baldness. I believe it took 3 months this time because I was taking it mostly in capsule form without orange juice the first 2 months. My Kratom is high quality and tested for heavy metals (Super Speciosa). Please let me know if you have any other ideas of what could be occurring. Thank you for everything! Thanks for all your help.
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    I've been asked about this a lot and I've never had this issue and I've read a lot about it online and there is no correlation between the two scientifically. There are though, a lot people who have had the same experience as you, so something is up with it. Here's an article that can give you a clear understanding of what it possibly could be