I really messed up

Hi Joey….ok here’s my question I’m so embarrassed but I was having trouble with my tolerance so I bought s&v BUT I also bought those ALK-tAB 40 extract pills and they weren’t hitting me so I took more and more and I made myself so sick 🤢 for two days throwing up bad diarrhea and it’s all my fault now I don’t know how much worse my tolerance is I’m thinking I need to stop for a week and then restart I don’t know what do u think 🤔 Thank u so much Joey can’t wait for ur class🥴💚
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  • J

    Nah... no need to be embarrassed. We've all done crazy things with kratom, LOL! Yeah, I would take a tolerance break... just take a minimal amount of kratom powder so you don't have to deal with withdrawals.