Getting off Kratom.

Hey, Joey , so I’ve struggled with getting off crate him for months and months , I don’t wanna be dependent on anything, and I’m shooting for sobriety , now I am on day five and I feel just as horrible as day one , so I did a little research, but not much help if I was to take cava to get through my withdrawals. Would it be a setback? A relapse of sorts, and would I feel it for longer as far as withdraws go
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  • J

    Hey man.

    If you want to get off kratom, the best way to do it is to taper. I know stopping in a day sounds really appealing but it can be very difficult. If I were you, I would take a minimal amount to reduce the withdrawals and then come up with a plan to slowly taper. May take a few weeks but you will have very little withdrawals and will work better in the long run. How much were you taking daily before you stopped?