Kratom withdrawal

Hi Joey….I have a question I bought but still waiting for magnesium, the one from Amazon, and agmatime do I also need to get vitamin C pills because I need to go on a complete kratom break I really messed up with those alt tab 40 there not working ether and I have 50 grams of stem and vein but I’m waiting to learn how to use it with ur zoom class Wednesday but now I’m sick but it’s my fault……and I don’t know if stem and vein will work for how bad I am now please let me know and is 50 grams of s&v enough or do I need another one I really can’t afford it cause all this I’m going to try was expensive but if u say it will take more I will get it thank u joey sorry to bother so much🥴😢
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  • J

    If you're concerned about your tolerance, THE best way to lower it is to use stem and vein. My protocol to lower tolerance is to sub out 1/2 your typical dose of kratom with 1/2 kratom and 1/2 stem and vein. So if you typically take 4g per dose, do 2g kratom and 2g stem and vein. Do that for 3 days and then on day 4, use 100% stem and vein for the next 4 days (7 days total). After those 7 days, you will be able to take regular kratom again at less than 1/2 the dose you started with. Good luck!