Need to reset after 3 Months

Hey Joey. Have been using Kratom every day for the past 3 months. I’m beginning to develop a tolerance since I no longer feel the effects. Would appreciated if you would tell me how to properly reset so I can begin to feel the benefits again. Thanks.
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Asked by William |

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    Hi William!
    No problem. Everyone comes to this point and most people go up on their dose to feel it again, but that's the opposite of what needs to be done. The best way I've found to reset is with stem and vein. Also, I've found that if I remove 1g from each dose for 2-3 days, my tolerance goes down fast and then I can feel it again.

    Here's my protocol:
    My protocol to lower tolerance is to sub out 1/2 your typical dose of kratom with 1/2 kratom and 1/2 stem and vein. So if you typically take 4g per dose, do 2g kratom and 2g stem and vein. Do that for 3 days and then on day 4, use 100% stem and vein for the next 4 days (7 days total). After those 7 days, you will be able to take regular kratom again at less than 1/2 the dose you started with.

    You can buy stem and vein here: and get 15% off with "joeytalks." 

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    Joey, thanks so much for your detailed and specific instructions. Sounds pretty simple and straightforward. Bill Anderson.