White Rabbit

Hey Joey, just watched your video on the energy drinks and ordered a 12 pack. Then I rewatched the video and realized its 40mg kratom extract. Ive never taken any extracts, ive been a daily user since August 22’ i take .5g capsules 1-2 times daily. Will this 40mg kratom extract in this drink overwhelm me?
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Asked by Brandon |

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  • J

    Hey man,

    I’m glad you’re going to try these. I would recommend sipping on the seltzer, maybe trying 1/4 of the can and see how it affects you. The effects come on faster than regular kratom, so you should be able to tell within 5 minutes. No need to be overwhelmed because you still have control over how much you intake. You don’t need to drink the entire can all at once :D