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Hi Joey sorry for my last message the customer service is calling me today to help me😁…… ok my question is I’m not feeling my kratom and I bought blackseed powder extract it’s not helping at all but I know it’s cause I bought a small variety pack of extracts awhile back and I’m taking way to much kratom and no matter how much I take it wont work so know I need a reset I have ur book so I know what to do but do u recommend I use stem and vein or that magnesium the calm brand with Agmatine I order them all so what do u think I should do till they get here I’m tired of taking so much cause I’m running out quick should I at least take half my dose so I don’t withdraw so much…..Thank You u so much Joey😁
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    How much are you taking currently? Typically when it stops working, most people go up on their dose but that's when you need to go down and take a taper break. Stem and vein is the best way to reduce your kratom intake without withdrawals. It works better than any other method I've tried. You can find some good s&v at - save 15% with "joeytalks"

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    That's the stem and vein I bought..... now how much kratom I've been taking 3 teaspoons sometimes 4teaspoons like 3 to 4 times a day and nothing I'm just wasting it now so I'm trying to start a taper but waiting for my s&v and the other stuff to thank u for answering me🥴🥹❤️