I take kratom and I know I need a tolerance break cause I messed up with extracts I did buy the black seed powder extract u take and I don’t know how to use it I took a teaspoon and it hurt my stomach bad then I tried 1/8 of a teaspoon it still hurt my stomach please tell me how u do it and I get the same brand of kratom u do but I got the 10 pack medium sample pack how long should I take a break and I’m on klonopin I have a real bad nerve problem I shake in side my body and out side my body that’s why I need them but I just need some help please sorry so long I just want u to know what I’m going through oh and I tried kava it didn’t work for me and I bought ur book❤️
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  • Joey I joined ur community page but I didn't get confirmation and I don't know how to get into the conversations I'm lost 

  • Joey do u recommend that calm magnesium and agmatine to lower my tolerance 

  • Or stem and vein sorry I'm having a lot of trouble with this site I still can't get into the community page 

  • J
  • Thank u Joey for answering me I was having a lot of trouble with this page but I think it's good now😁 it's not the kratom hurting my stomach it's the black seed powder extract but I also have the normal oil one and I just bought stem and vein to lower my tolerance and I got that magnesium, the calm one I think I just need a reset thank u for all ur videos i learned so much I'm trying hard to get it right🥴