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Hey Joey, sorry I had to take the cheap way and join for free. Unfortunately at the moment I’m so broke from dumping all my money into gas station kratom I can’t even afford a 1:1 lol 😩😅. My story is probably a very typical one. Former heroin/fentanyl addict who was prescribed suboxone for 6+ years. I’m about 8 weeks off of opiates however I’m stuck on OPMS extracts and can not for the life of me lower my dose or even so much as afford to keep up with my dosage. I recently purchased agmatine, c-1000, and calm like you had suggested. They’re working amazing. I’m browsing kratob website and I’m just curious what you would suggest for me to purchase. Because im an opiate or sedative person by nature Im needing a strain that will give me a more sedated feeling and will relive the almost impossible to deal with anxiety I feel 24/7 I know you’ve said before red is the way to go for sleep/ calming effect but with so many options on krabot im not sure which one to get. With funds being so low right now I just want to be sure I make the right choice cause I won’t be able to order something else for a while, Also I do want to say Joey the work your doing and the time you devote to educating the world on the kratom is so deeply appreciated, you really are a god send.
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    Hi! I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time. I get it... really. If you're taking the OPMS extracts, the first thing you want to do is to get off those. They will really mess up your tolerance and ruin the effects of kratom. I suggest you buy my blend, LOL from krabot and use the powder to come off the extracts. Extracts are also super expensive, so being low on funds, makes sense to start taking powder.