Joey my question is about kava. Unfortunately I can not get Kratom in my state and am really looking to help my anxiety. I have tried kava and I don’t feel any different. I’m scared to keep drinking as I don’t want to get the the stomach upset. Everyone always has answers that are different as to how much is too much? My anxiety also keeps me from drinking more thinking it’s going to make me feel weird. Any advice? I have art of kava vanuatu puariki with the Aluball shaker. The suggested dose is 3 tbsp. But that does nothing. I drank this for about 2 weeks straight.
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    Great question. How are you brewing it? If you use boiling water, the kavalactones will die off. It's best to brew it with warm water (not too hot, not too cold). Do you feel your mouth and lips tingling or going numb? If not, something isn't right. Let me know and we can fingure this out.