Tapering down

Joey how does one use black seed oil capsules to taper down the Kratom capsules
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Asked by Trish |

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  • J

    Black seed oil makes the kratom last lover in your body. When I use bso, I can go 6 hours in between my doses. Without it I start to feel the kratom wear off around 3 hours, so it makes a big difference. So, you use the bso to extend how long between doses, therefore you take less daily. I take bso twice daily (am and pm), 2 teaspoons each time.

  • T

    Thank you

    also hàve you heard about Moringa tea

    or capsules it enhances Kratom

    also is referred to as spiritual tree of life.

    my gastro doc said it's excellent

    it won't cure cancer but will stop the spread. Google it it's a plant grown in India.

    you know how it saids in the Bible God has placed goods in the earth and on it for the healing of the nations, don't remember it verbatim,

    Have a blessed day Joey and ty for this help.