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Hello Joey , I started using Kratom almost 2 years ago , I was looking to get away from other substances I no longer wanted to use that didn’t serve me anymore , ei alcohol, marijuana . Someone put me onto kratom and at first I barely noticed anything , after finding my , -sweet spot I was very pleased with how it alleviated my symtoms of depression and anxiety , brain fog and intrusive thoughts. I thought wow! This is how I feel I’ve always wanted to feel!! I feel “ normal” my sense of well being that I had never felt before. It almost seemed to good to be true . I’ve been ordering from a company called canadakratomstore. I haven’t really tried any other sources . How do I know what I’m taking is actually Kratom? Is there a way to test the purity? I feel kindof stupid not thinking of this before . There seems to be more and more concerning testimonials of people having “scary “ experiences with Kratom and getting off it, my last break lasted almost 7 days, I started again really small but now I’m very quickly creeping back up to where I was before using it daily , I try not to go over 10 grams in two doses. I really don’t like how I feel without it and I’m concerned
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    Hi! It's a great question. There is no way to know if what you're getting in the bag is actually kratom. That's why I only buy from online vendors who are third party tested and post their lab reports. There have been instances where companies were mixing kratom with other herbs to bulk it up. Herbs are not regulated, which can be concerning.