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Hi Joey so I have a question. I currently use a gas station brand of kratom. I tried krabot before but for some reason it didn't feel like it worked as well. Idk I guess I'm backwards cause I know you said that stuff is not nearly as effective. It's called relax and go. Anyway I saw the review you did on the kertom kratom and ordered the blueberry infused one and the green one. You said that the green on packed a little more punch. So what should I start my 1st dose with? I currently take 6grams 2 times a day
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    Hi! Thank you for sharing that with us. Any time I try a new brand of kratom, I start with my usual dose and see how it effects me. From there, I'd adjust it based on how it effects you. I don't know why that green one from Ketum was so strong, but I took 1/2 after I tried it. Good luck!