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Hi Joey I’m grateful I found your page my. I was taking regular kratom for about a year straight decided to get off of it took the stem and vein instead and now I want to stop taking the stem and vein. do you know the withdrawal symptoms of that? is it supposed to be the same as Kratom ? I sure hope not. I am doing a Kamba ritual on Sunday and I cannot have anything in my system for 24 hours prior. I’m concerned about how I’m going to feel.
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    Hi Ria, Getting off stem and vein is much easier than kratom. How much are you taking currently? Just do a slow taper down from the stem and vein and you shouldn't experience many withdrawals. If you need to stop kratom for 24 hours for surgery or something like that, you may consider using an extract because you won't have any substance in your belly that way.

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