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Hey Joey, huge fan of your content. It’s helped me so much in using Kratom responsibly! However, I’m looking to go on a legitimate break, and the only real issue that stands in my way is I am unable to sleep when I don’t use Kratom. I get sleep paralysis too which is really uncomfortable, and so I end up using a little Kratom to get me through the night. Are there any supplements that you can recommend that can help me get a good night sleep without Kratom? I need something pretty effective, and chamomile and NyQuil have never done enough. Have you tried Qualia Night? Thanks so much man and just want to say again how appreciative I am of you and your content.
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    Hi! I totally understand where you're coming from. I found that once I've reduced my daily amount to a certain amount, the sleep issues subside. I would focus more on tapering down to a lower daily dose to improve your sleep. In the meantime try an OTC sleep aid till you are able to get low. Qualia Night didn't really do much for me, so I would go with the OTC med. I have a bunch of videos on how to taper down and think they would really benefit you.

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