Stem and Vein worked!Now what?

So I was one of those people who rushed to stock up on stem and vein when you let us know it was back in stock, and WOW. In a matter of 4 days, I have gone from taking an average of 10g kratom powder daily to 4 grams of stem and vein — 2 grams in the morning and 2 grams in the evening. I only did the half and half the first day and then just jumped ship completely to the stem and vein because I could already tell how amazing it worked! Its only day 4, so I am still a little low energy, but most of the other crappy withdrawals — like insomnia and restless legs — have been completely mitigated by the stem and vein. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome product with us! I plan to stay at 4 g a day for maybe another week and then I would like to taper off of the stem and vein and be kratom free altogether. Do you have any suggestions for tapering off of the stem and vein other than just gradually reducing the dose; and in your opinion, will the fact that I will have been on stem and vein only for a few weeks at that point make the transition off of all kratom even easier?
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    Hi Tracy!I’m so glad stem and vein worked so well for you! If you’re looking to stop taking kratom altogether, you’ll need to taper off stem and vein but it’s much easier to do than regular kratom. Just remove a half gram every 3 days and you shouldn’t have much (if any) withdrawals

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