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Finally! This is legit! I have so many questions, but I'll stick to only a couple. (: if I am taking Calm, should I cut down my kratom dose? Also, what is the best method you have found for tapering off/down? You advice/opinion would be of significant value to me. Thank you so much for existing and for being so awesome. I greatly appreciate all of the content you have put out thus far! You rock!
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    Hi Krystal,Thanks for the question. It really depends on how the Calm effects you. If you notice it makes the kratom stronger, than yes, you could reduce the amount you're taking. The best taper method I've found is to reduce your daily dose by 1/2 gram every 3 days. You could also use stem and vein to replace your kratom dose for 5 days and then return to your regular kratom and you'll see you'll need much less. I have a few videos both on tapering and stem and vein Check em out!

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