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I know my sister and niece need help. But my sister refuses to even call her family Dr for appointment. Do you know of a way or something to say that might get her to go. I am on an antidepressant. Be my regimen is working. But when I ask her if she made appointment she says no and jumps the subject her daughter is crying for help . Thank you dory I watch you on YouTube also!
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    Hi Tammy, the MOST important thing in your situation is that you gain their trust. Focus more on being a place of safety for your sister than getting her to the doctor. Research shows that if someone knows there is someone who is willing to be with a person in pain, the pain/trauma is greatly reduced... more than the use of medication. If you can continue to be there for her, show her that you are a place of acceptance, affirmation and love, you will gain her trust and access to her heart. It takes time and lots of patience, but in the end it is the most effective way to help someone who is stuck in a negative mental cycle.
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    Than you Joey!!!!❤️

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