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I’m looking to get off my Valium and take something else more natural instead for my severe anxiety. How would I integrate something else like Kratom or kava or saffron while tapering off my Valium during transition. Also are there any gaba herbs that would interact negatively while taken alongside with my Valium? What are some natural herbs that you would suggest to use in conjunction with my Valium to help me get off my Valium that would be safe?
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    Hi Megan!Great question. Due to legal reasons, I cannot recommend herbs to use to get off your meds without you talking to your doctor. What I could do is tell you what's worked really well for me regarding anxiety....Kratom, kava, Qualia Mind and magnesium the brand Calm have all been incredible at helping me with anxiety. Here's a site where you can enter check interactions between supplements and medications. Best of luck!

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