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Hi Joey, I’ve been taking Kratom for two years now and I am wanting to stop so bad. I’m tired of the dependency and money I spend. I started working out & eating healthy but what else can I do to stop taking this. I cannot do cold Turkey since I work full time. Do you recommend supplements? Cutting back? I would love your feedback. Thanks, Sarah
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    Hi Sarah,Thanks for the question. The situation you're describing is very, very common and there are ways to taper down and minimize withdrawals. You can do a slow taper (reduce a 1/2 gram every 3 days till you're down to the dose you're comfortable with). Also, using potentiators, such as black seed oil, magnesium, pickle juice, etc. will also help make the kratom stronger so you can use less. I have quite a few videos on my channel on all these topics and you may want to check out my Kratom and Guide & Journal on amazon. It will help you create a plan and help walk you through the process of tapering.

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