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Hi Joey I'm tapering off kratom because i don't get the same benefits i use too. Iget depression and anxiety in between my dosage, i dose 3×1.30g a day. I'm looking to quit or reset my tolerance to it and i can't seem to go any lower. I've just receive some stem and veins and wondering how i would do it? Thanks
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    Hi!I hear ya! I've found great success with stem and vein. In short, use 1/2 s&v and 1/2 your regular kratom dose for 3 days. So, if you take 4g per dose, use 2g s&v and 2g kratom. After 3 days of doing that, switch over to 100% s&v. You can sub it out gram for gram of kratom. So, by day 4, you would take 4g of s&v (or whatever your regular dose is). Do that for a total of 7 days and then when you go back to regular kratom you'll notice your tolerance is much lower and you will have to take less to get the effects. Also, check out my latest video on my channel... it's all about stem and vein!

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