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Hey Joey. I just found your videos - so so helpful. I have had restless legs for decades and been round so many prescription meds laps - none worked well. Recently I was on Tramadol and had to come off them because of tolerance. It was then I heard about Kratom so I bought some red. It really worked for rls but I have had bad insomnia, depression and anxiety. I am wondering if this is Tramadol withdrawals rather than the Kratom? I am curious to know what strains you use for depression and anxiety. Also any idea how much is too much? To keep my rls at bay and counter day time Tramadol withdrawals I take about 10 to 12g / day. Is that too much? Should I be looking to cut it down? Thanks for being there - it is a mission working through these issues as Doctors largely dont really know what to do for us.
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    H! Thanks for your question. I’m glad kratom is helping your RL. It doesn’t sound like the symptoms you have are from kratom. I do think it’s from withdrawals of the other medication. I use whites for my depression and would recommend no more than 15gpd. It’s also a good idea to reduce your dose every 6-8 weeks to keep the kratom dosing low and keep it effective. Best of luck!

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