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Joey i been taking kratom daily since august.5-1. Gram capsules. I take breaks for tolerance etc. i also rotate strains, sometimes even daily. Lately tho ive noticed two things 1. When i take green maeng da capsules on empty stomach now i am hit with extreme anxiety for 15-20 minutes, why would that happen all the sudden. 2. Im also noticing that i cant sleep at night anymore, this seems to be only with my green maeng da capsules. Any idea why my body would all the sudden just stop liking this type. Like i said the dose is really small, no abuse. I also have white bali and red bali. Red bali has never had any adverse effects. I basically want to get back to sleeping on it.
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    Hi!I'm not sure why that is happening but if you notice it happens more regularly with green maeng da, I would avoid it. When you take too much kratom, it can mess with your sleep, but based on what you're saying, it doesn't sound like you're using much at all. Maybe try taking a week break from any kratom and see if the symptoms subside. If they don't, it may not be connected.

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