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Aren’t you mocking God? - How are you going to answer for this on Judgement Day? _The JeGaysus Answer

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Post 1: So I am gonna do something interesting here. I want to answer this as a sort of "once and for all (lol I wish). Because it seems to be the majority of my question inbox, and I would like to steer away from the same ol same ol. I want to actually focus on presenting well thought out discussions and be able to dig into articles with merit. So here is a personal Blog if you will.

The experiment is this. I am going to enter my real answer here. Then I am going to do a second post that is 'bloggified' by ChatGPT lol. Between those 2 options, maybe then we can get passed this and have more meaningful conversations and really start to build out this community forum! Reminder! You are able to comment on threads even if they were not your questions originally. Let's discuss stuff, and have more back and forths. 

And now❤️, JeGaysus' Real Answer:

 No I don’t believe anything about me being JeGaysus is “mocking”. Mocking would imply I am making fun of, or being rude to. Neither of those things are happening. I’m here educating, it’s that simple. 

You might be *uncomfortable* with my presentation. But that’s on you, something you should sit with, and investigate why. 

The issue here isn’t me portraying Jesus. Jim Cavizel played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ (and still says he’s Jesus in interviews for the new Right wing Propaganda movie for Sound of Freedom). Hundreds of movies with Jesus in them exist. There’s an entire TV series “The Chosen” that is on the CW. THOUSANDS of American churches out of Easter and Christmas pageants every year with both adults and kids playing Jesus in plays. 

The real issue then isn’t me being dressed as Jesus. Nor is the issue me teaching Biblical literacy and scholarship online. So….I want you to sit with that discomfort and figure out what your issue with this ACTUALLY is. Being honest with yourself is how we bring subconscious biases to light, so you can admit what thought patterns aren’t healthy or helpful to you. So you can work on removing them.

That’s how you grow, emotionally AND spiritually. 

If we are to get honest, 9/10 times the ONLY issue is simply the fact that I’m Gay, Feminine, or the combination of both. Because I address religion head on? You see an opportunity to jump in, throw the punches you’ve always wanted to land on OTHER gay people. Because now? This feels like a good excuse, your subconscious can argue that you aren’t doing it out of homophobia or hate, but INSTEAD can falsely claim Self-Defense.

Even though, you are in my space. You are denying my personal freedoms to believe in or not believe in, whatever spiritual matters I believe. 

Same as how YOU’RE coming from the side of YOUR belief. Something you’ve been told is “wrong”. But you are not some special entity. Your BELIEF is not the same thing as truth or facts. There are many religions. There are many denominations within your religion, 45,000 to be clear. Your version of the truth? Does not make it correct just because you say it is. 

Learn to inspect yourself and come to realize that your thoughts? Are not unique, nor are they more important than any of the other 8 billion people you share a planet with. Live in you belief, but drop the act of knowing what’s “true”. Become a better global citizen 

And if I have to face my actions in front of God one day?. Oh noooo…I’m gonna have to sit down and describe how I loved everyone and tried to support peoples individual rights, and pushed for more knowledge! How embarrrrassed will I be to say that? 😱

As compared to…others…who are going to have to explain why they hated entire groups of people, never researched the Bible themselves. Having to instead tell God exactly WHY they followed pastor men who told them what to think, believe, and who to hate.

Err…yeah. I think I’ll be fine lol 😂✌️🔥

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