High insulin levels

My latest blood work shows my insulin is quite high yet my HbA1c is good. I’ve been on 1.8iu HGH for 7 weeks now. Do I need to stop using HGH? Does HGH cause insulin to increase ?Can you recommend course of action to lower insulin? Thank you Eli
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  • J

    If you measured immediately post injection of GH you'd have a false positive increase.

    What does HBA1c being good mean?  If its not below 5.1 it's 'not good'. High Insulin is due to high carbohydrate consumption. Are you using Metformin? You should be using Met if you're using GH.

  • E

    Thanks Jay, blood was taken post injection but several hours after injection. 
    my HbA1c 5.2 and yes I take metformin. 
    Im a fan of yours and on your "trifecta "

    however I wasn't fasted when I did test and I just read that I should've been fasted, do you think that's what may cause high insulin levels ?

  • J

    Of course it was. Never get blood work unless you are fasted.