PAI-1 inhibition and aging?

Jay: Some new stuff came across my desk, and I figured I would run it by you. Apparently some Amish people have a mutation in the SERPINE1 gene* that partially inhibits PAI-1 [plasmogen activator inhibitor 1], and this extends their lifespan by, on average, 17 years. Yes, 17 years. They seem to be immune to many diseases of aging - diabetes, heart issues, etc. - and also do not bald or go grey. Interestingly, metformin reduces PAI-1 levels in blood**. Some drugs target PAI-1 directly. Interesting! Are you optimistic about this pathway? *Source 1: **Source 2:
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    What is your question besides it doesn't make any sense? You already know my opinion about Metformin. Its mandatory for everybody wanting to live longer and stronger!