Recommended book?

You had said in an earlier question that I had that you would not reanswer my questions unless I have read the book period. You posted a link to buy the book but the link did not work. Would you mind giving me the title of the book? So that I can buy it read it and then schedule a private session with you
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Asked by Mark |

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  • J

    Bro.....this is embarrassing for you.

    You can't search Google + Jay Campbell + Peptides?

    Or better yet, what about Amazon?

  • M

    No not really embarrassing seeing that you have written several books. I wanted to make sure I bought the right one so the next time I wanted to ask a question. I wasn't told that I bought the wrong book. I actually ordered the book yesterday look forward to reading it. After I read it I will reach out to you and schedule a personal appointment