GH what other factor to look for.

What other factors should I be looking for. I am 62 years old, I have been on for 5+ months. I have been told by Dr C. And other so called health influencers that I need to cycle off for a couple months and let my Pituitary gland to produce more naturally. The doc said to use. CJC & or Ibutamoren, while off it. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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  • J

    Who is Dr C? 

    "Cycling Off" is normally a prudent course of action but its also relative to your dosage and your age. If you are over the age of 60 its highly unlikely you have much natty GH production.

    If you are using a surgically precise dosage of GH (.5 to 1.25 iu's) Mon -Friday and taking weekends off, there is rarely a need to ever "come off" as you are resetting your pituitary on weekends. 

    But always rely on how you feel and double check by measuring your biomarkers like blood sugar, HBA1c, IGF-1 etc.

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    Dr. Brandon M. Chastant

    Ok  thanks for the information. 

  • J

    Ahh. Tell Brandon I said whats up.