Risk/Reward of Tirzepatide

Hey Jay, can I ask a personal question? With as lean as you are, why do you use things like tirzepatide to get more lean? It seams for those that are severely overweight or obese, the rewards outweigh the risks of trying tirzepatide (I was 26% bodyfat when I got on Mounjaro, and had really high blood pressure, and lots of signs of insulin resistance...and so the reward of Mounjaro far outweighed the risk). But for somebody already really ripped and optimized like you, it seems the risk of playing with your hormones would outweigh the reward given you're already super ripped. I only ask as I got on Mounjaro for a couple of months, lost 15 pounds, and then got off as I worried about becoming reliant on the peptide, and wanted to see if I could keep my blood glucose levels in check with diet and exercise having recently discovered the carnivore diet. How do you decide when to use help from an aid like tirzepatide vs relying just on diet and exercise?
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  • J

    This question will be better answered in my upcoming book 30 Days 2 Shredz. 

    An advanced biohacker like myself will use any and all means necessary to reach peak physical condition in the fastest and healthiest way possible.

    You have been tragically misinformed regarding the "risks" of using any Peptide in an already supremely healthy person. 

    People who are insulin resistant and metabolically deranged are the ones most at risk as they have compromised their biological systems thru poor lifestyle choices compounded over time.