High Blood Sugar

I was going to place another order for hgh but wanted to ask you this first. I've checked my fasting blood sugar a couple times this week and its been high between 100-110. I will keep monitoring my blood sugar but what are your thoughts? A couple points: -Last time I checked my blood sugar several months ago I was at 85. -I barely eat carbs/sugar. Mainly on training days 3-4 days a week. -I do intermittent fasting (16-20 hours) with MCT coffee 3 days a week -Sometimes do a 20-22 hour fast and eat one meal -Ive been on the hgh genotropen for 4 months at 1.8 iu/day -I haven't been sleeping well lately. -Ive been trying to eat a lot more food to put on more muscle. -I just started to take the Metformin. I started off taking too much 3 months ago and it was bugging my stomach. I'm dosing low and working my way up now. Instead I was taking berberine, cinnamon and chromium.
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  • J

    Chris...you are nervous wreck about everything brother.

    Why would you dose so high to start? 

    Nothing you wrote up there makes any sense.

    If your blood sugar is that high..its due to eating too much and producing too much insulin.

    Be honest with yourSELF my brother.

    MCT Coffee is NOT FASTING! Dave Assplay is a fraud and a farce. 

    Clean up your act my bro!

  • Anonymous

    Sir yes sir! Dr, Keith also said it could be from the hgh too and should subside after 6-12 months of starting hgh.