Peptides and children

I was wondering if you had a recommendation or cut off age for usage in pediatrics? I have a 16yr old with an ankle sprain grade 3 that I used bpc and TB 500 for 12 weeks. It was the second sprain on same ankle from volleyball. I’m not sure if helped or not. It was in a boot with limited movement for 8 weeks. Just wondering what age you would recommend not using peptide therapy?
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Asked by Lara |

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  • J

    If it didn't had fake peptides. It's always up to the choice of the end user. You also have to weigh if they would get in trouble in their respective sport.

  • L

    Ya she's 16 so no drug testing yet. Hard to evaluate bc I don't know if you really know your body well at that age. I'll assume no age limit w Peds.