Kidney (CKD) Healing

For early kidney disease, what is the best protocol (peptides and otherwise) is reverse damage and maintain kidney health?
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Asked by Jonathan |

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  • J

    What is the kidney disease from?

    If its from a poor lifestyle, there is nothing you can take Peptide based that will do much.

    Cleaning up one's lifestyle is the best bet.


  • J

    That's dificult to say. I've been eating a mostly Paleo diet for a long time, intermittent fasting, lifting heavy things, focusing on sleep qualty, no smoking and many other best practices. 

    Water intake has been on the low end and that's a recent improvement (targeting 1 oz be .5 lbs of weight). 

    I've had 3 kidney stones in the past 10 years. 

  • J

    Bro, seriously ITS NOT DIFFICULT TO SAY.

    IT IS difficult for you to admit.

    Are you fat? Inflamed? Metabolically deranged? Drank lots of alcohol in the past?

    I AM in the dark here. Kidney's don't fail on their own.

    All is due to lifestyle choices. Any other beLIEf or story is delusion.

  • J

    -Not fat. 5'8 175 lbs ~15% BFP. 
    -Inflammation, yes. Much better since I cut out gluten, but there is some room for improvement.
    -Glucose ranges from 90-110 so not amazing, but not terrible. A1C is good. 
    -Never drank much. Rarely drink now.

    Maybe autoimmune related? I have Narcolepsy so quality sleep is a challenge and affects everything else.