Got my MOTS C

Hi Jay! I got my order and can’t wait to try. I’m a little confused though. Online it says I get my MOTS C and sprayer. What is a sprayer? Do I not get sterile water to add to it? The instructions aren’t clear as to how to draw up and inject. Also, the vial contains just one dose then?
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  • J

    You are definitely confused.

    MOTS-c has never come in a sprayer bottle from Limitless.

    It is an injectable preparation and you must procure bacteriostatic water.

    Depending on the dosage protocol you are following, one vial may indeed be one injection.

  • Thank you. The vial says 10 mg so I am assuming it's a single dose but I will call limitless. 

  • J

    Don't call Limitless.


     If you don't understand the answer to that question right now, WHY ARE YOU USING PEPTIDES?

  • I paid the $25 to be able to ask you questions about peptides. The instructions in the shipment I received were not clear. So if I shouldn't call Limitless, who should I be getting counsel from? 

  • J

    If you have not educated yourself to the fullest extent based on information found in my book and or online, nobody will be able to help you.

    No matter what questions you ask, the answers you receive will not make sense.

    $25 to ask me questions is an LOL.

    I charge $499 for 30 minutes and $750 for 60 mins.

    Educate yourself and then ask questions from there.

    Right now you can't even ask the basic question and thats obvious from your first one.