Diabetes needle for TOT injection

Hey Jay, I've been taking 200mg/ml of testosterone for 6 years, intramuscularly in the buttocks once a week with a 1.5" 23 gauge needle. Since it's kind of a pain, I only do it once a week, but understand twice a week would be better. I heard that it works just as well to use a thin diabetic needle and just inject the testosterone into belly fat, which I'd gladly do twice a week. Is it true that this works just as well? It seems hard to believe otherwise I'd think it'd be the standard way most would inject. Thoughts?
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  • J

    Brother, you are practicing Testosterone Injections from a medieval perspective.

    That is way too big of a needle. You should be injecting with a 28 guage or smaller and doing it a minimum of 3x per week.

    Every other Day at a minimum. SubQ in the belly fat is fine or shallow IM.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow, glad I asked! lol. Yea, I've just been doing what I was taught 6 years ago when I first started TRT. So a 28 gauge by 1.2" into the buttocks? 

  • Anonymous

    I bought your peptides course to level up my knowledge there, but It sounds like I need to freshen up my knowledgebase on TRT. It sounds from some things you've said on YouTube that your TRT Optimization Bible book is probably not up to date any longer. Is there something you've updated more recently that might help me figure out a new injection protocol? 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jay,

    I'm a little confused as you say 28 gauge, but you don't say how long of a needle and into which body part. I only ask as I'm searching all around for advice on this and some say into the SubQ is okay, some say it needs to be IM, and I'm coming to you as the authority over conflicting advice. Thanks for your advice.