HGH and water retention

I’ve been on the Genotropin ( 5d on 2d off )for five weeks now and notice I’m holding water. Will this level off on its own or is there a way of dealing with the water retention?
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Asked by Eli |

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  • J

    Water retention when using hGH is always related to two things.

    The amount of carbohydrates in your diet (increasing extracellular glycogen) and your dosage.

    If you are holding too much water, reduce carb consumption first and then consider reducing the dosage of GH second. 

    If you are using more than 2iu's of GH, water retention is inevitable.

  • E

    Thank you. I'm using 1.8 iu, still I should with that dose ?

  • E

    Sorry , disregard last question 

    thanks Jay