Topical Hair Growth Medication

Ive been on TRT for almost a year and the mail pattern baldness has greatly accelerated. I have been trying natural methods to regrow hair for 6 months (Laser, PRF injections, Auxano, GHK scalp injections, Dr. Pen, Essential oil combinations, High frequency) and I do have hair growing back. Problem is its falling out faster than I can get it to grow back. I know Dr. Nichols can give me a medical compounded topical to kick in the circulation but I defiantly don't want to be on that stuff long term. What are your thoughts on using a topical medication in the short term to get the hair growth boosted then notching back to the natural methods to maintain? Ive also heard about guys lowering their TRT dose and that helped. I'm on 2 clicks twice a day right now of the trans dermal (labs depending of course).
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  • J

    Chris...don't do any of those things.

    Don't listen to idiots either.

    Hair loss is caused by blood flow restriction to your scalp, which is multi-factoral.

    Stress which you are clearly showing about losing your hair does not help your cause.

    I will next week be debuting the strongest topical hair loss product the world has ever seen.

    3-5x stronger than Aseir's Auxano. Will it help you? It might but it also might not.

    Highly recommend you read my email from today and ruminate on its message. Its highly relevant for you and your "hair loss" at this very moment.