the Optimized Edge of: physical/psycho/spiritual manifestation

I appreciate your mantra, am using it, and agree that belief & positive manifestation are critically important in all our lives! I meditate daily, believe that I am a conscious manifestation of all that I believe, think & is, and therefore connected with all life's possibilities. At 66 I am now, more than ever, in awe of the incredibleness of life and my opportunity to participate in it. I do believe I am on the right track, here & now. My most recent test results are in a previous email Just seeking that extra edge of physiological / psycho / spiritual knowingness that plugs into my carbon / light based body to garner the "Optimized Edge"!!! Perhaps my age and lack of optimization this last decade has put me at a disadvantage......some shit just takes longer than others.. 1)That said, from your "experience", can you tell me how many ml of Tcyp I can reasonably take per week? (presently 1ml/weekly) 1.2? 1.4? 1.5? ??? 2)How high can one's "Free T" go, withOUT concern?? At 1252, can I push 1300 ? 3)Again, from your experience, physiologically, where does therapeutic T reach a point of diminishing return? Your offerings and willingness to share are much appreciated on this grand journey! namaste
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  • J

    No cookie cutter answers my bro.

    Stop saying beLIEving and start KNOWING.

    Knowing only comes from a pure heart. Only a pure heart can disCERN truth.

    You can go as high with your levels as you KNOW you can. You are the master reality creator of your life and only you KNOW what is optimal for you.

    The goal of optimization is joy and balance. If you have both, why would levels mean anything?