Body fat reducing in a condition of Muscle dystrophy

Nephrotic syndrome / proteinuria Hi Jay I had nephrotic syndrome and because of which I lost a lot of muscle mass . I am on peptides CJC 1295/ imparolin - 0.1 ML a day in morning ( as I can’t sleep if I take in the night ) , I am taking BPC -157 , and recently started tesofensine . I am 67 kgs and 5-10 in height . I look lean and i look like I won’t have more than 25 percent body fat max but my current body fat percentage is 37.5 percent ! I am doing intense workouts , intermittent fasting and trying to eat a low carb and moderate plant protein diet ( as I can’t eat excessive protein or I started getting proteinuria) … Please let me know how to get my body fat percentage done with use of peptides ! In terms of workout I think I’m doing to max I can .
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    I have no idea who you are....what your name is and not nearly enough data to even possibly answer your questions.