Keeping muscle during recovery

Jay, I am going for a surgery in 6 weeks that will have me away from lifting for about 4 to 6 weeks , hernia. You answered my q&a the other night, thank you, here's a follow up. I am @ 11% bf, 168lbs, 5'11, and my labs are all good after 3 months on T cip IM injections. I am on metformin, eating to optimize and on a good Pro overload resistance training regimen. I want to continue to recomp and add lean mass prior to surgery so I picked up amino 5 to use up until surgery possibly beyond. I intend to eat slightly above maintenance to build muscle pre op. Since I can't lift during recovery I plan to use this time to shred since I will be able to do steady state cardio and eat below maint. I also plan to use wolverine stack for healing. Would it be optimal to switch from the amino 5 to ipamorelin post op? From the book it seems amino 5 may lose affect and the ipa may contribute to healing more so? Any advice or hacks to prevent muscle wasting during recovery? I plan to stack
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  • J

    Great Questions my bro.

    Yes on Ipamorelin.

    Sounds like a solid gameplan.