Best place to buy syringes

Hey Jay, Love your content man. Where is the best place to buy syringes? I have been using: McKesson - 1cc - 1 inch needles for my b12 shots BD - 1/2ml - 1/2 inch for my TRT, BPC-157/TB-500, L-Cartinine, and NAD+ shots Preferably somewhere that sells those (unless you think I should be using different syringes). Also, how you doing?
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  • Anonymous

    And I forgot to add the 1 inch needles that go with the McKesson are Easy Touch 23 gague

  • J

    Those syringes are way too big.

    For any water based injectable you should use 31 or 32 guage insulin syringes which are found most everywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much Jay! The problem I have is that Amazon won't ship syringes to New York. Many other places won't ship to New York either. Any other good sources?

    I think the reason the clinic was giving me 1 inch needles for the B12 is that it is supposed to go IM into the buttox. I found a much cheaper place to buy the B12 shots so now need to find a place to get the needles.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jay, checking in on my follow up question above.

  • Anonymous

    Jay, checking in again for some help on this. Thanks bro.